February 17 – March 27, 2020

Why are we praying and fasting?

Metanoia Church is entering a season of 40 days of prayer and fasting to seek revival and God’s direction for our church regarding new opportunities for mission and ministry.

What are we praying about?

A prayer booklet is available to serve as a guide for you to pray for revival and for God’s leading for our church. In addition to the prompts in the prayer guide, the following are specific things that we are praying about as a church:

  • Deepening intimacy with the Lord and greater sensitivity to His leading for yourself and for other Partners and their families.
  • Engaging in greater shared ministry with Only By Grace Church—a Korean language church plant that we have financially supported since 2017. (CLICK HERE for more information about the greater shared ministry opportunity. Vote is on Sunday, March 8.)
  • Voting to appoint Tom McNamara as an Elder. (Vote is on Sunday, March 8.)
  • Preparing our hearts and minds for the Partnership Conference (“A Call to Prayer,” Saturday, March 28).
  • Desiring wisdom and leading for the Facility Search Committee and for our church as we investigate options for a more permanent meeting location.
  • Seeking unity and wisdom as we amend our church Constitution and adopt Bylaws. (Distributed on Sunday, March 8; vote to approve on Sunday, May 3.)

Did you miss the announcement and Pastor Adam’s challenge? CLICK HERE to listen.

How do we sign up to fast?

Choose 1 or 2 days to fast between February 17 and March 27. Community Groups should consider adopting a week so that you can encourage one another as you fast.

You can select your day(s) for fasting during the worship gathering, or you can select your day(s) for fasting using this form (CLICK HERE).

How do we fast?

You should plan to fast from food during the day that you selected to fast (i.e. fasting from 1-3 meals/day). If you are unable to fast from food due to a medical condition, you should consider fasting from something else that is a significant part of your daily rhythm (i.e. music, podcasts, social media, speaking, etc.). If you are not sure if you should fast from food, you are encouraged to consult with your physician.

Pastor Adam Feldman has written the following resources about the spiritual discipline of fasting: