This page contains information, archived links, and updates regarding Metanoia’s current financial situation. It is updated as new information comes available.

1. What is going on?

While we are at or under our budgeted expenses, our income is not keeping pace with our actual expenses. Thus, we are at risk of exhausting our endowment (“savings”) of $29,000 by this fall.

2. Why is this a “crisis?”

We have depleted our endowment from $71,000 in March 2015 to $29,000 in March 2016. We need to maintain $15,000 in our endowment to continue essential church operations like Worship Gathering rental space, insurance, and payroll.

3. How did we get here?

There is not any “one” reason why we are in this financial position, but we know of at least two significant contributing factors:

  • Factor 1: Unanticipated income drop. When preparing an income forecast for FY2016, our financial team incorporated a decrease in tithe/offerings of Partners who were sent to start Broken Wall. Unfortunately, there were additional unanticipated departures of Partners and participants that regularly contributed to the church financially. While we have grown in new attenders, our actual income has not kept pace with the projected income. For more information, please listen to Daniel Bunn’s (Deacon of Finance) announcement to the church about the unanticipated drop in income back in January: CLICK HERE
  • Factor 2: Heart issues. There are heart issues in our Partnership (Elders and other leaders included) and participants that are contributing to the crisis. Some heart issues are sinful, while others are not. The Elders and Daniel sent a letter via email to our Partners in early April encouraging all of us—leaders included—to identify any potential heart issues and to address them.

4. What is being done by our leadership?

The Elders and Daniel have made expense cuts to slow down the depletion of our endowment. Among the major cuts:

  • Terminating the lease on our church office (saving $500/month beginning July). An email sent on March 31 to the Partners that announced this cut. You can also listen to Daniel’s update to the church when he announced this decision in March: CLICK HERE
  • Ending financial support of Broken Wall Project church plant (saving $2,600 this FY). Listen to Adam’s update to the church when he announced this decision in April: CLICK HERE
  • Miscellaneous cuts to Personnel (reducing the counseling / care fund), Ministry (not providing meals at meetings, etc), and Mission (cutting Community Group mission reimbursement).

5. What else is being done?

In keeping with the church-wide call to repentance, our leaders are prayerfully considering their own personal and family stewardship, evaluating how church resources (not just finances) are being stewarded, considering ways we can more intentionally teach on financial stewardship in the future, and also asking the Lord how this financial crisis is connected with what he is doing in our church (i.e. Vision 2016). Additionally, the church as a whole appears to be stepping up to address the financial crisis. Our monthly giving, while still not at the budgeted level, has increased over the past couple of months. Praise God!

6. What can I/we do to help?

  • Pray for the leadership. The Elders and Daniel have held several multi-hour long meetings to pray over, discuss, and make difficult decisions on significant cuts. Pray that we will make decisions with wisdom and discernment.
  • Give generously. If you are not regularly giving at least 10% of your income as a tithe or offering to the Lord, please consider doing so. If you already are, consider a one time gift or even increasing your regular giving to help replenish the endowment.
  • Prioritize Metanoia. If Metanoia is not high on your priority list for giving, consider prioritizing giving to your local church.
  • Repent of any sin. There are many who are already giving generously and sacrificially already—thank you! Unfortunately, some persons may need to confess a lack of generosity, laziness, or even a lack of trust in God reflected in their giving habits. Confess, repent, enjoy the abundant mercy of God, and begin developing a generous heart like God’s. Our God is faithful and will prove himself to be faithful to you as you entrust your resources to him.
  • Share the Gospel. This past year has seen a dramatic decline in baptisms of new believers in our church. Perhaps both the financial crisis and our proactive seeking of God in Vision 2016 together constitute a wake-up call for us to renew our commitment to evangelism.

Since we discovered this issue in November 2015, we, the Elders and Deacon of Finance, have done our best to transparently communicate with you everything that we know about the crisis and about what we can do as a church to address it. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to share them with any of us. Thank you for your continued Partnership in ministry!

Yours in Christ,

The Elders (Adam Feldman, Jesse Florida, Mike Roach, and Art Wong) and Deacon of Finance (Daniel Bunn)

Update: May 22, 2016

Update from Deacon of Finance, Daniel Bunn:

Since last fall, the elders and I have been communicating about a significant decrease in monthly giving which has led us to make decisions regarding spending cuts and calls for sacrificial giving. The most recent time we communicated with you on this topic, we challenged the partnership to bear this burden with us in prayer, repentance, and sacrifice.

While it is still clear that over the remainder of this fiscal year we need to remain committed to the spending cuts that have been made, giving has increased over prior year levels in three out of the last four months.

As we begin to plan for the next fiscal year which begins in September, the elders and I will set priorities based on how the new giving levels look. This could lead to a new budget that may be as much as 15% smaller than the budget we set for the fiscal year that we are in now – from a budget of $176,000 to a budget closer to $150,000 based on average monthly giving of closer to $12,500 rather than the $14,500 monthly income projection that was used to plan the current year’s budget.

Again we appreciate your prayers as we move through this process as it will involve more difficult decisions. We know that this is all directly connected to the transforming work that God is doing in our hearts as we move to join Him in what He is doing and is going to do in the coming year.