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Messiah and the Minor Prophets

by Metanoia Church

About the sermon series Israel’s prophets spoke God’s Word to His people and called them to live faithfully to God, to observe His commandments, and to honor His covenant with them. Several books in the Old Testament are named after prophets. In this sermon series, we will explore twelve of these books that are referred […]

“Pray!” Sermon Series

by Metanoia Church

During the month of October, four different preachers will deliver sermons on the topic of prayer. We’re asking the Holy Spirit to burden our hearts for what he has to say to us. Two Metanoia pastors–Adam and Jesse–will be joined by two guest preachers (see below) during the sermon series. This sermon series is part […]

Foundations of the Faith

by Metanoia Church

This sermon series explores the doctrinal tenets as expressed in Metanoia Church’s Statement of Faith, which is the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 (BFM2000). As we explore our doctrinal beliefs, we’ll discuss how our beliefs shape our community, motivate our mission, and nurture a lifestyle of worship. Part 1: Knowing God (September – November) Part 2: […]

Sermon Series: David

by Metanoia Church

This topical sermon series explores the life of Israel’s King David, some of his prayers recorded in Scripture (from the Psalms), and his prophetic connection to Jesus Christ. During the first half of this sermon series we will explore some of the more memorable stories from David’s life recorded in 1 and 2 Samuel. During […]

Ephesians Sermon Series

by Metanoia Church

Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus provides us with a rich understanding of our salvation and new life in Christ. The church in Ephesus faced many spiritual attacks both in the world around them and even at times within the church. Ephesians guides us in knowing how to live the Gospel faithfully at home, […]

Revive (Sermon Series)

by Metanoia Church

This six-week sermon series is part of our church-wide spiritual renewal emphasis this fall. During this series, we’ll lean into great periods of renewal found in the Bible along with the foundational doctrines of the Protestant Reformation (16th century) to discover principles of spiritual revival. Join us as we make this journey together! September 20 – “Revival” […]