The “Faith and Culture: The Christian Faith in a Global Society” event focused on discussion surrounding the following two topics:

  • Photo by Nicolai Berntsen via

    Photo by Nicolai Berntsen via

    “What must Christians do to be good neighbors to persons of other religious and faith backgrounds in our pluralistic society?”

  • “Why should Christians be engaged in multi-faith endeavors? What are appropriate multi-faith endeavors?”

There was a question and answer session for each topic, which were not recorded on request of the guest speaker. The event was held Friday, June 5, 2015.

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About the Faith and Culture Series

The goals of the “Faith and Culture” Metanoia U series are for believers to become more conversant, convictional, and confident in discussing various topics where faith and culture intersect in our society.

In this series (some audio available):

About Dr. Rainey

Joel_Rainey_photoJoel O. Rainey, Ph.D. is a pastor, missionary, and mobilizer of churches to accomplish God’s global mission. He has been involved in planting more than 100 new churches in North America, has trained pastors and church planters nationally, and internationally, and has missions experience on five continents.

Dr. Rainey currently leads the Engagement Team for Evangelism and Missions at the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network, which consists of more than 560 evangelical churches in Maryland, Delaware, southern Pennsylvania, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Rainey is a sought-after speaker, and in addition to his work with the Association, serves on the adjunct faculty of two Washington, D.C. area seminaries. In addition to the books on this page, he was also a contributing author to the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (Broadman & Holman, 2003), and has written numerous articles for publication related to the church and its global mission. His work has appeared in the Great Commission Research Journal, SBC Voices, The Gospel Coalition, and The Christian Post. He has represented the evangelical perspective to news outlets such as Al Jazeera America, the Baltimore Times, and the Washington Post.

He currently resides in central Maryland with his wife, and their three children.