Following worship gathering, 12:00pm – 12:30pm

WHY do we have this training?

The Church Safety Training course is intended to help our partners become educated and prepared for various emergencies and crisis. The course is held 2 times each year (the same course each time).

WHO is this training for?

  1. All church leaders–elders, deacons, CG leaders, ministry team leaders, and elected officers–and Kids CAMP volunteers must attend one of the courses every year in order to remain in leadership.
  2. Anyone desiring to serve in church leadership in the future must complete the training.
  3. Every partner is encouraged to attend. The more of us that are trained every year, the better educated and prepared we will be as a congregation.

WHAT will be covered during the training?

The training is 30 minutes long and will cover the following:

  • Zero Tolerance Policy – This policy addresses how to report claims of sexual harassment and other forms of abuse, as well as the processes and procedures by which Metanoia’s leadership will ensure such claims are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Active shooter – Metanoia has worked with Roger Carter Community Center management to understand how our church should respond in the event that there is an active shooter in the building.
  • Emergency preparedness – Emergencies can be as varied as a health crisis (such as, heart attack, food allergy, etc), a fire, or weather event.
  • Q&A time with Pastors Jesse and Lance.


We cannot prevent every safety concern that may affect our church, but we certainly can educate and prepare together. Thank you in advance for planning to attend one of these important training courses!