Metanoia will commission Eric and Jess Sorrell to serve on the core planting team for the Broken Wall Project during our Worship Gathering on Sunday, April 26. We are super excited about this opportunity to send out missionaries from our church to help start a new church!

Eric and Jess wrote the following to help describe their discernment process in making this big decision.

Eric and Jess’ Journey

A few months ago, Jess and I both began to feel God leading to serve with the Broken Wall Project. Honestly though, we both feel like this is the next step in something that God has been working into our hearts for years. When we first heard Ron Willoughby preach at Metanoia, we were both struck by vision he shared for the Broken Wall Project. Independently of each other, Jess and I felt very drawn to the vision. We actually didn’t talk to each other about it for about a week. When it did come up in conversation, we were surprised to find that we both had been seriously thinking about serving with Broken Wall. We were also encouraged that it seemed as though God was calling each of us independently.

We began praying for more direction in the matter. Throughout this time, Jess and I began looking to buy our first house. We found a charming old house that we loved and we put an offer on it. We soon found out that the house was just around the corner from the house Ron and his family had recently moved into. We knew it was roughly the same area, but we didn’t know the house was in the very same neighborhood that Ron was planning to start Broken Wall.

Eric-Jess_2012So, we met Ron and his family and shared with him our interest. He allowed us to start meeting with him and the other prospective members of the core team. As we got to know Ron and the others, we were increasingly drawn to the opportunity and the vision of Broken Wall. We were (and still are) also rather intimidated by the prospect of it all as well. When we were able to close on the house, we felt more strongly that this was the direction God was leading us. Still, we wanted to be sure to go about everything in the right way.

Throughout this whole discernment process we had spoken with a couple of the pastors of Metanoia but we wanted to gain the counsel and blessing of all four of them. We wanted to be sure that they knew that we respected and desired their wisdom. Also, we wanted to be sure that they knew that we were not simply trying to leave Metanoia. After meeting with them and praying with them, they each gave us their blessing and encouraged us to move forward. Jess and I were extremely encouraged that their discernment reconfirmed what we had been thinking. Recently, Jess and I signed a covenant with the other core members of the Broken Wall project and committed to serve together for at least the next two years.

This whole process has not been an easy one, but it has been exciting to see God beginning to move in our hearts and in the hearts of those around us. It is all so bittersweet. We love Metanoia. Jess and I met at Metanoia. Metanoia is our spiritual family and we have made a lot of really deep friendships through our fellowship there. Also, we are a little bit afraid. We’re not far from where we were but this new endeavor will surely stretch our comfort zones. With all of that being said, we would profoundly appreciate your prayers as our growing family takes these next few steps in faith.