ExpGodWorkBookGraphicMetanoia’s Elders believe God is leading our church into a season of spiritual renewal and vision discernment. We will begin with a three-month emphasis on spiritual renewal this fall. Spiritual renewal will help us listen to God better and respond to His leading as we seek His vision for Metanoia.

The church-wide spiritual renewal initiatives include 6-weeks of prayer and fasting, the “Revive” sermon series, and the fall Soul Care Retreat.

In addition to these initiatives, Community Groups are encouraged to go through the “Experiencing God” Bible study.

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“Experiencing God” Bible Study

“Experiencing God” is a 13-week Bible study that takes participants through essential principles and practices for cultivating a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Through examination of biblical and contemporary illustrations, participants will understand and apply seven realities of experiencing God.

More information on Experiencing God will be shared during sermons in the Revive series, at the volunteer meeting on September 27, at the October 4 Partnership meeting, and at the CG Cohort lunch on October 4. Questions about the study are welcomed at anytime—especially during the meetings mentioned above.

CG Participation

Metanoia’s leadership encourages every CG to consider participating in this Bible study this fall. It is completely voluntary; therefore, a CG Lesson will be provided to CGs that choose not to participate in the Bible study.

Each CG will receive workbooks for each active CG member along with one copy of the leader guide to be shared between the co-leaders.

If you are concerned that your CG may not be able to keep up with the weekly Bible study assignments, simply spread the material out over a longer period of time. Its important not to rush through the material and equally important not to leave people behind as you move forward. Thus, it is expected that some CGs will not complete the Bible study this calendar year, but will finish sometime in early 2016.

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Deadline: Sunday, October 18

Your CG can begin the Bible study as soon as you receive your books. However, the final deadline to decide whether or not your CG will participate is Sunday, October 18. This is so that all CGs can begin the study no later than the week of October 25. This will also help ensure a greater percentage of our church is going through the material at the same time.

Suggested Donation

Workbooks will be provided by Metanoia, but this is an unbudgeted expense for the current fiscal year. Workbooks cost $15/each, but our church leadership believes the spiritual rewards are well worth the expense. Anyone interested in helping to offset the cost of his/her workbook is encouraged to give a suggested donation of $10.

CG leaders will not collect donations during CG meetings. Donations will be made at Worship Gatherings. Simply write checks to “Metanoia Church” and write “Experiencing God” in the check’s memo section. For cash donations, write “Experiencing God” on the envelop. (Donations can also be mailed to Metanoia Church, PO Box 298, Ellicott City, MD 21041.)


Experiencing God is a joint effort between Metanoia U and Community Group ministries. If you have any questions, please contact either Pastor Adam Feldman or Pastor Michael Roach.