If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact the County and State Government assistance programs already in place. Information below.

1. Many in our community lost their cars during the worst of the flood. For those who were separated from their vehicle during the flood, Police have made Centennial High School the official pickup lot for abandoned and recovered cars. Call 410.313.2900 for more information about picking up your vehicle.

2. If you signed up to supply food for those in need, Bita Dayhoff of the Community Action Council wants to hear from you! She is stocking a food bank to help those impacted by the floods. Call 410.313.6440.

3. Grassroots Crisis Intervention is helping our neighbors who lost everything during the disaster. They’re needing 120, 3-4 person, 3/4 season tents, along with camping supplies and clothes. Please help the least fortunate by contacting Seth Knobel at 410.531.6006

4. The American Red Cross and other organizations will be at the Howard County 50+ Center for the next 2 weeks to help those most effected by this catastrophe. This Disaster Relief Center will be open weekdays from 2pm-7pm. Please follow the links above for more information, or call the Emergency Services Hotline, 410.313.2900.

If after contacting the sources above, you are unable to have your need met, need prayer, or just want a hug, we are providing teams of volunteers to help meet such needs (CLICK HERE to find out more).