Last week, Metanoia’s Trustees approved our reopening Operation Level 2B (OL2B) policy. OL2B provides policy and guidance for resuming indoor worship gatherings. We are excited to resume meeting indoors for worship this fall!

OL2B does not change anything else about our church’s programming. LTGs, CGs, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry remain under the OL1 policy (virtual and/or outdoor only) as do children and youth ministries (virtual only).

Thank you

Thank you for your patience and support as we and the Health and Safety Committee (HSC) worked diligently over the past few months to prepare Metanoia for resuming indoor worship gatherings.

The HSC has done extensive research and provided well informed recommendations and guidance for the Trustees to consider. Kim Feldman (HSC Leader) and Lead Pastor Adam Feldman spent several weeks in close communication with representatives of the two locations that we considered for indoor worship: Bethel Baptist Church and the Roger Carter Community Center (RCCC). These representatives were very responsive and answered questions the HSC and Trustees had about each location and also informed us of expectations on Metanoia should we resume indoor worship gatherings at one of the locations. All of this takes time… research, talking with representatives, and deliberating over the data. Thank you for understanding.

Service opportunities

There is still a lot of work to be done before we move indoors. If you are willing to serve the church in any of the following ways, please inform Kim Feldman, Adam Feldman, or Jesse Florida. We need volunteers to assist with Hospitality before we resume indoor worship gatherings. Hospitality responsibilities include:

  • Set-up – Arrange chairs into predetermined configuration prior to worship gathering, and wipe down the chairs that were moved.
  • Ushers – Welcome people, answer questions, assist with seating, and assist with ensuring that health and safety protocols are followed by worshippers.

3 important things to know

In the coming weeks, we will communicate to you more information about how indoor worship will work for our church. In the meantime, we wish to announce the following important things that you need to know about OL2B:

  1. Our first indoor worship gathering will be Sunday, November 1. Like outdoor worship, indoor worship will be on 1st and 3rd Sundays. Plus, 5th Sundays will now be indoors!
  2. Only By Grace Church will begin worshipping indoors at the same time and location as Metanoia beginning Sunday, November 1. English speakers will attend Metanoia’s worship gathering while Korean speakers will attend OBGC’s worship gathering.
  3. Based on the research and the list of pro’s and con’s about Bethel Baptist and RCCC that the HSC provided us, we (Trustees) determined the wisest and safest location for Metanoia to resume indoor worship is RCCC. Following this letter are details explaining why we determined RCCC is the wisest and safest location for our church between the two options.

Again, we wish to thank the HSC team members–Amanda Brooks, Kristen Christy, Hunter DeJarnette, Kim Feldman, Tom McNamara, and Sarah Sullivan–for their hard work. Please keep the HSC and the Trustees in your prayers as continue making preparations to resume indoor worship.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us.

Grace and Peace,

The Trustees of Metanoia Church

Tom McNamara, Chairman of Elders, Personnel Elder, Trustee President
Adam Feldman, Lead Pastor, Trustee Vice President
Jesse Florida, Staff Pastor, Trustee Secretary
Mary McClymonds, Deacon of Finance, Trustee Treasurer
Daniel Bunn, Elder (sabbatical), Trustee (active)