Metanoia’s pastors are encouraging our church to PRAY, GIVE, and GO to help bring healing, hope, and justice in the name of Jesus Christ to Baltimore city.

Below are three ways to pray, give, and go to Baltimore city in the coming weeks.

1. The Garden Church, Bolton Hill

On Sundays, May 10 and 17, we collected a special offering during our Worship Gathering for The Garden Community. The Garden is a church in our network that Metanoia financially helped get started a few years ago in Bolton Hill. Bolton Hill is a part of Baltimore that experienced rioting last week. We collected $2,130!

This one-time collection will be given to the Garden to help them as they proclaim the Gospel and meet physical and relational needs in Bolton Hill.

There will also be opportunities to GO and serve with the Garden in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

2. Network Churches and Relief Efforts

LoveBaltimore_slide_(4x3)ONLINE GIFTS to support other Baltimore city churches in our network can also be made. These gifts will go to the churches in our network that are located in Baltimore city. These gifts will support Gospel proclamation, relief efforts, and meeting on-going needs.

You can make online financial gifts here: http://bcmd.org/lovebaltimore

3. Praying for Baltimore City

Joel Kurz, pastor of The Garden, is encouraging Christians to pray for Baltimore in the following ways:

1. More laborers for the harvest. That people who know the Lord would move into the city, get a job, and join a Gospel-preaching church. That they would live out their faith and share the gospel with the lost. That others who will never move here might be motivated to send money to healthy ministries and support the works that are already on the ground.

2. Real revival, real prayer and real repentance. That our city will experience a true revival as a result of the events of the past week, and that we would take a posture of prayer and repentance. That, as a result, there would be lasting change in the social structure of the city through a movement of resources, more jobs, and real development within struggling neighborhoods. And that, above all, there would be an eternal hope embraced by many.

3. Health for the church. That unhealthy churches would become healthy churches that preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. That new healthy churches may be planted in strategic areas. 

4. For real peace in the city. That broken relationships among people would be healed, and that the relationship between man and God might be restored. That churches might lead the way in much-needed conversations and that the church would love their neighbor.

5. A better theology of work. That men and women will embrace a deeper value of work, and inculcate this value in generations to come. That churches will be equipped to teach a theology of work and that we would repent of a simplistic “Sunday-only” faith.

6. Systemic oppression to be destroyed. For real progress in regards to racial and income segregation, along with food oppression and unbalanced educational resources. For real, sustainable solutions.

7. For police and those in authority. That they may be kept safe while simultaneously striving to protect and defend every citizen of Baltimore. That the many who use their badge for good would be strengthened and encouraged. That citizens would learn to trust the police and that the police would learn to trust the citizens.