Since the beginning of this year, Metanoia has canceled three Worship Gatherings due to inclement weather, and we’ve had a delayed start for a fourth. With the upcoming Partnership Retreat (Friday-Sunday, March 13-15), we’ll be missing yet another Sunday of worshipping together in Ellicott City.

Do you miss worshipping and fellowshipping with one another?

Bring a Lunch – Sunday, March 8

This coming Sunday, March 8, you are encouraged to bring a lunch and stick around after the Worship Gathering to eat and fellowship with our church community! We have rented the Oella and Caplan gathering spaces for an extra hour, so we will not have to leave until 1PM. (Children will be with parents during this time.)

Take advantage of this opportunity to catch up with one another!


  • [Photo via user szazesk2]

    [Photo via user szazesk2]

    Bring your own lunch. This is not a “potluck,” meaning you will only bring food for yourself and your family. However, if you want to bring something else to share (like a yummy dessert or baked goods), feel free to do so! DO NOT BRING ANYTHING WITH NUTS TO SHARE (thank you!).
  • No refrigeration. Roger Carter Community Center does not have capability of keeping your food cool (or warm). You are welcome to bring your lunch in a cooler to keep it nice and cool. If you want to bring something that needs to stay warm in a slow cooker (like chili or soup), there are limited outlets, but you are welcome to bring your appliance.
  • Food for guests and those who didn’t bring lunch. Metanoia will order a couple of pizzas to help provide food for guests and/or persons who did not bring a lunch. We don’t want anyone left out!
  • Plates, forks/knives/spoons, napkins, and cups will be provided by Metanoia. You are responsible for bringing your own drinks, or you can use the water fountains.
  • Help with clean up. Let’s work together and help pack up Kids CAMP and the audio/visual equipment on Sunday so that we can eat together as soon as possible. Additionally, please consider sticking around to help out with post-lunch clean-up.

Grab that lunch and let’s eat!