Community Groups are formed around one common mission to make new disciples of Jesus Christ locally and grow as disciples together.

About Community Groups (CGs)

  • Mission The mission of all CGs is to make new disciples of Jesus Christ locally.
  • Care – CGs are the “frontline” of care in Metanoia. They are safe environments to “rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15).
  • Worship – Worship in CGs is facilitated with a weekly CG Lesson produced by Metanoia that includes Bible application, sermon application, and prayer prompts.

Community Groups are co-lead. One leader is the CG’s primary advocate for care within the CG while the other leader is the primary advocate for the CG’s mission. Either leader can facilitate the worship aspect of their CG as well. CG Lessons can occasionally be taught by non-leaders who are gifted in teaching. CG Leaders and anyone who teaches must be Metanoia Partners.

Joining a Community Group

The following is a list of current Community Groups and information about each group. To get connected with a Community Group, please contact a co-leader directly or use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know which group or groups you may be interested in.

Groups listed by geographic location (find group descriptions below):

  • Arbutus / Catonsville: Catonsville Neighbors, His Handiwork, Newburg Heights
  • Baltimore: New Song
  • Columbia: Oakland Mills Village
  • Ellicott City: Rooded, Seekers

Groups listed by meeting date (find group descriptions below):

  • Monday: Catonsville Neighbors, Newburg Heights, Seekers
  • Wednesday: His Handiwork
  • Thursday: New Song, Oakland Mills Village, Rooted
  • Friday: Seekers

Group Descriptions

Catonsville Neighbors

  • Leaders:  Kim Feldman and Karen Norton-Smith
  • Mission Statement: The Catonsville Neighborhood group will focus on sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors.
  • Meeting details: Monday, 6:30PM
  • Meeting location: Academy Heights neighborhood, Catonsville

His Handiwork

  • Leaders: Jennifer Bunn and Mary Thomas
  • Mission statement: As redeemed children of God, we join together as God’s handiwork to serve with the talents He has given us for His glory, in order to reach our individual communities with the Gospel.
  • Meeting details: Wednesday, 6:30PM
  • Meeting location: Alternating between Catonsville and Arbutus

New Song

  • Leaders: Patty Berry and Kristen Christy
  • Mission statement: WeWe will reach the Baltimore Shape Note community with the Gospel.
  • Meeting details:
    • Bible application: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 6:00PM
    • Sacred Harp singing: 1st and 3rd Thursdays, Cathedral of the Incarnation, 7:00
  • Meeting location: Gwynn Oak, Baltimore

Newburg Heights

  • Leaders: Lance Byrd and Allison Stump
  • Mission statement: We will reach our neighbors in the Newburg Heights neighborhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed.
  • Meeting time: Monday, 6:15PM
  • Meeting location: Newburg Heights neighborhood, Catonsville

Oakland Mills Village

  • Leaders: Katie Florida and Richard Smart
  • Mission statement: We will reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ those who live, work and play in Oakland Mills and other communities represented in our group.
  • Meeting time: Thursday, 5:30PM dinner, 6:30PM Bible application
  • Meeting location: Oakland Mills Village, Columbia


  • Leaders: Amanda Brooks and Sarah Wong
  • Mission statement: We will share the Gospel with our families, friends and neighbors that live their lives in the places God has planted us.
  • Meeting time: Thursday, 6:00PM
  • Meeting location: Ellicott City


  • Leaders: Dave and Cheryl Loeb
  • Mission statement: We will reach those in the Ellicott City/Columbia area who have some spiritual or religious curiosity.
  • Meeting time: Monday or Friday, 7:00PM
  • Meeting location: Ellicott City

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