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Covenant Partners have journeyed through and completed the Pathway to Partnership. You are ready to pursue Covenant Partnership with Metanoia when you are regularly participating in the connecting environments: Worship Gathering and Community Group. Find out more about the big picture of Metanoia Church life.

Partnering with the Metanoia Church community is an exciting decision and not one to be taken without prayerful consideration. This process is designed in such a way that as you journey along the Pathway to Partnership you will be encouraged in your faith and inspired to serve our Lord Jesus Christ with the covenant community at Metanoia Church.

A few things to keep in mind as you journey through the Pathway:

  • All are invited. You may not be sure about partnering with Metanoia at this moment. That’s okay! The Pathway is intentionally designed to introduce you to the nuances of Metanoia’s beliefs and practices prior to extending you an opportunity to commit to the Metanoia Church community. Even if you are not ready to partner right now, you are encouraged to participate in the Pathway to have a greater understanding of Metanoia.
  • Progress prayerfully and thoughtfully. Address your questions to appropriate persons at Metanoia, search the Scriptures for yourself and pray about your decision.
  • Plan ahead and commit to applicable parts of the Pathway. Each element of the Pathway will be offered at various times throughout the calendar year, so plan ahead and fulfill your commitment to attend.
  • Choose your pace. Each element of the Pathway is “stand alone,” meaning that you can walk through the Pathway at your own pace. It is highly recommended that you have been baptized by immersion as a believer before taking the Christ Life group study (an eight week class).

The Pathway to Partnership
Metanoia’s Covenant Partners are those persons who have completed the Pathway to Partnership, thus entering into a covenantal relationship with Metanoia Church.