Reopening Operation Levels

Intro to OL2A

Earlier this week, Metanoia Church’s Trustees approved the Operation Level 2A (OL2A) phase of our reopening. OL2A permits limited indoor worship services for those who are involved in leading worship services and the Health and Safety Committee (HSC). The purpose of these indoor worship services is to act as “soft opening” of sorts. Basically, OL2A is an interim phase to try things out, make changes, and get feedback before we begin church-wide indoor worship services during OL2B reopening phase.

No other church program, ministry, or activity is affected by OL2A (such as, Community Groups, Life Transformation Groups, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, all children and youth ministries, etc). Everything else will continue operating under the same guidance found in the OL1 policy.

Below are additional details about OL2A policy.

OL2A and OL2B Summary

  1. Phase 2A–Small team meets on a Virtual Sunday at one of the indoor options to live stream together at 10:30AM. This could be one time or several times. It will allow the HSC, hospitality, and AV team to test logistics before a larger group gathers inside. This can occur at either or both locations while a large group location is being chosen.
  2. Phase 2B–Larger group indoor gathering. Number determined based on mapping in Phase 2A. We will offer one service with RSVP to limit numbers. If there is a waiting list, move to two shorter services.

Indoor Worship Policy (OL2A)

  • By invitation only–we should know in advance who is going to be there.
  • Attendance will be taken and recorded using Google Form.
  • Limit service to 1 hour and setup/cleanup to 30 minutes for approximate total of 90 minutes.
  • Volunteer(s) will wear gloves and wipe down all high touch surfaces with sanitizing wipes prior to worship service.
  • Masks for ages 2 and up.
    • Wear mask properly covering mouth and nose.
  • Seating
    • Household groups 12 feet apart.
    • Floor will be marked using post it notes space approx. 22 ft apart to ensure 12 ft distancing.
  • Equipment
    • Whenever possible, one household should handle the equipment.
    • If it is necessary for more than one household to be handling the equipment, volunteers need to wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer when done handling equipment.
  • Singing not allowed.
  • Every person involved in upfront leading of the worship service (sermon, prayer, song, welcome, Scripture reading, etc.) must wear a mask at all times.
  • Go straight to seats and remain there until dismissed.
  • Socialize outside–masks and distancing recommended but will not be enforced by Metanoia. People are on their own after dismissal.
  • Open doors (weather permitting).
  • If at RCCC–allow limited seating on terrace (weather permitting).
  • Feedback can be provided here.