Have you ever read the Bible through? When was the last time that you read the Bible through? Our Elders are encouraging Metanoia to read through the Bible in 2014. Here’s how:

Spiritual Friend

Find 1 or 2 spiritual friends to share the journey with you. (If you’re married, consider your spouse!)

Community Group

Decide as a Community Group to read through the Bible in 2014. Share your progress and insights from reading at each meeting.

Make a Plan

  • Guide: Use the OneYearBibleOnline.com reading schedule to guide your daily reading, or find another plan. The OYBO plan gives you 1 Old Testament, 1 New Testament, 1 Psalm, and 1 Proverb reading daily. Afraid you’ll forget a day? Sign up on their website to receive a daily email reminder.
  • Schedule: Plan now to set aside around 15 minutes each day to read the Bible.

Miss a Date?

Don’t worry! Set aside time on Saturday or Sunday to catch up on your reading. In the meantime, continue with the reading. (For instance, if you miss Thursday’s reading, read it on Friday. Read Friday’s reading on Saturday. Read Saturday and Sunday’s reading on Sunday.)

Too Late?

Starting later in the year? Just pick up your reading with today’s date and begin today! Then, finish your year this time next year.