This topical sermon series explores the life of Israel’s King David, some of his prayers recorded in Scripture (from the Psalms), and his prophetic connection to Jesus Christ. During the first half of this sermon series we will explore some of the more memorable stories from David’s life recorded in 1 and 2 Samuel. During the second half, we will learn about prayer as we look more deeply at some of David’s Psalms.

“The David story is the most extensively narrated single story in this large story [of Scripture]. We know more about David than any other person in Holy Scripture. As we tell and listen to the David story, we’re at the same time being trained in the nature of story itself as the primary literary form for receiving God’s revelation.” Eugene Peterson, Leap Over a Wall, p3

Upcoming sermons in this series:

  • 23750_King_David_Slides_ChurchGraphics Media_CreationSwap-Smaller VersionGod Looks at the Heart (7/3)
  • David Slays the Giant (7/10)
  • David Spares Saul (7/17)
  • David Dances (7/24)
  • God’s Covenant with David (7/31)
  • A Sinner’s Song (8/7)
  • A Sufferer’s Song (8/14)
  • A Seeker’s Song (8/21)
  • A Saint’s Song (8/28)
  • A Shepherd’s Song (9/4)