Ministry Opportunity

Metanoia Church (MC) and Only By Grace Church (OBGC) will enter into a season of greater shared ministry from April 12 [Easter] through December 31 for the purposes of:

  • cultivating a larger perspective of the Kingdom of God,
  • strengthening children and youth ministries,
  • decreasing demands on children and youth volunteers through shared ministry,
  • serving English speakers in OBGC,
  • and facilitating greater cultural diversity in both churches.

OBGC is a Korean language church plant in Ellicott City that Metanoia has financially supported since 2017. For information on how to pray about this opportunity CLICK HERE.

Greater shared ministry between our churches will include:

  • Shared worship time and location. OBGC will change their meeting time and location to worship at the same time and location as MC.
  • Shared worship services. Youth and spouses in OBGC who speak only English will attend MC worship service at the same time that OBGC holds their Korean language worship service.
  • Shared Kingdom perspective. MC and OBGC will join together for bilingual combined worship services on Easter (April 12) and on the 1st Sundays of June, August, October, and December (5 total combined bilingual worship services).
  • Shared children and youth ministries. MC will open all Kids CAMP, Kids QUEST, and Journey activities (Sunday School, summer camps, fellowships, etc) to OBGC children and youth.
  • Shared volunteers. MC will vet, accept, and schedule adult members of OBGC to serve as volunteers in children and youth ministries.

The only ministries included in this proposal for greater shared ministry are Worship Gathering, Kids CAMP, Kids QUEST, and Journey.

This is a GOD-SIZED opportunity!

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands…” ~ Revelation 7:9

Metanoia and Only By Grace cannot do this in our own strength. Moving forward in this endeavor will require the commitment of every member in both churches to pray regularly, to give of time and resources sacrificially, and to work humbly with one another.

The pastors of both churches believe that this God-sized opportunity can yield God-sized blessings for both of our churches and for our area! To God alone be the glory!

Did you miss the announcement and Pastor Adam’s challenge to the church? CLICK HERE to listen (17 minutes).

Proposed Timeline

February 2 – Partners presented with a proposal for greater shared ministry with OBGC
February 17 – March 27 – “40 Days of Prayer and Fasting”
March 8 – Partnership votes on greater shared ministry proposal
March 28 – Partnership Conference
April 12 – Combined bilingual Easter service
April 19 – Begin increased partnership with OBGC through December 27
June 7, August 2, October 4, and December 6 – Combined bilingual worship services

Benefits and Challenges

Mutual benefits to both churches:

  • Increasing diversity. Increased cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and age diversity in both churches.
  • Sharing administrative load. Some administrative responsibilities like volunteer coordination and worship service planning will be shared by both churches.
  • Doing more together by doing less alone. Rather than duplicating ministries—like children ministries and monthly English language service (OBGC)—both churches will simplify their efforts by sharing core ministries of worship, children, and youth.
  • Reflecting demographics of the area. Greater shared ministry will better reflect the demographics in Howard and Baltimore Counties.
  • Cultivating a Kingdom perspective. By sharing relationships and ministry with persons of different cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds, both churches will expand their awareness of God’s work in the world.

Additional benefits to Metanoia Church:

  • New ministry and mission opportunities. New ministry and outreach opportunities to the local Korean population.
  • Diversity in the pulpit. Pastor Jin Kim will bring cultural and linguistic diversity to the pulpit by sharing preaching duties during bilingual worship services.
  • Inspiration for prayer and outreach. OBGC’s emphasis on prayer and outreach will inspire MC’s own prayer and outreach.

Additional benefits to Only By Grace Church:

  • English language worship service. English language worship service option for spouses and children who speak English.
  • Programming for children and youth. Metanoia’s Kids CAMP (infant – 2nd grade), Kids QUEST (grades 3-5), and Journey (grades 6-12) ministries provide Sunday School Bible Study, children ministry (Kids CAMP) during worship service, and youth activities. Presently, OBGC children and youth leaders are overwhelmed by the demands in their church.
  • Extending OBGC’s funding. Pastor Jin Kim’s NAMB/BCMD funding ends in spring 2020. Greater shared ministry between our churches provides opportunity for his funding to be extended.

Mutual challenges to both churches:

  • Listening, relating, and accommodating. Greater diversity will require concerted efforts among members of both churches to listen to one another, to cultivate new relationships, and to accommodate different cultures.
  • Logistics. Volunteer and facility logistics will require significant upfront administration and planning.

This ministry opportunity is part of our 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting. CLICK HERE to learn more.