During the month of August 2017, our church is going through 1 Corinthians 12 and learning about spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit gives a variety of gifts to believers for the purpose of building up the church.

This article is designed to help you discern what gifts you may have, and to provide you with a list of opportunities for you to serve in ministry at Metanoia Church.

You are gifted!

Every believer in Christ receives at least one spiritual gift intended to build up the church.

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” ~ 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

Congratulations, you are gifted!

What are your gifts?

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The best way to determine what spiritual gift(s) that the Holy Spirit has given you is to serve in ministry (see “Where will you serve?” below). Spiritual gift surveys are also helpful in giving you a general idea of what gifts God may have given you.

Listed below are three surveys recommended by our church. It is helpful to take more than one survey so that you can cross-reference your results and see what patterns emerge.

After you take 1 or more of these surveys, answer this question: Based on the spiritual gift survey(s) I took, I may have the following gifts _______________ .

Where will you serve?

Metanoia has a variety of ministries in which you can serve. Below is a list of ministries (in alphabetical order), opportunities to serve within those ministries, and who to contact if you are interested in serving in any of them. There is also a contact form at the bottom of this article where you can request more information.


  • Contact: Lance Byrd, Personnel Elder
  • Various administrative tasks and duties


  • Contact: John Hieatzman, Team Leader
  • PowerPoint slide preparation
  • Set-up and pack-up crew
  • Sound board operation
  • Sunday AM slides operator


  • Contact: Daniel Bunn, Deacon of Finance
  • Financially supporting those in need within our congregation
  • Providing donations and resources during emergency situations

Church planting, missions, and cooperative efforts

  • Contact: Adam Feldman, Lead Pastor
  • Ellicott City outreach
  • Networking with MMBA and BCM/D for church planting and missions
  • Promotion of Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for global missions
  • Supporting our church plants through volunteer efforts and activities

Community Groups

  • Contact: Jennifer Bunn, Community Group Leadership Team lead
  • **CGs are a great place to use your gifts on a weekly basis in worship, care, and mission. You don’t have to be a CG leader to exercise your gifts in Metanoia’s CG ministry! If you have a burden or desire for a particular ministry, run it by your CG and see if you can do it as a group.
  • CG co-leader for mission
  • CG co-leader for care
  • CGLT – coaching CG leaders and facilitating bi-monthly CG Cohort meetings


  • Contact: Adam Feldman, Lead Pastor
  • Leading various church ministries
  • Meal train: organizing meals for families with newborns, caring for those in grief, etc.
  • Visiting with Partners who are sick, in sorrow, aged, or infirm to receive spiritual and physical comfort
  • Care and maintenance of church property


  • Contact: Adam Feldman, Lead Pastor
  • Examine & instruct new Partners
  • Examine and recommend candidates for church leadership roles
  • Ministries of the Word and prayer
  • Oversee church discipline
  • Oversee the ordinances: Lord’s Supper and baptism

Family Ministries

  • Contact: Jesse Florida, Staff Pastor
  • Children (non-Kids CAMP) and youth related ministry
  • Marriage Ministry

Financial Ministry

  • Contact: Daniel Bunn, Deacon of Finance
  • Tithe/offering counters
  • Giving sacrificial gifts to bless the church ministry
  • Treasurer, Sean Thomas


  • Contact: Lance Byrd, Personnel Elder / Kids CAMP Director
  • Babies and infants
  • Crafts station
  • Games station
  • Storyteller


  • Contact: Jesse Florida, Staff Pastor
  • Greeter / host team
  • Set-up / clean-up team
  • Bin pick-up / drop-off team
  • Set-up and clean-up Lord’s Supper
  • Coffee Hour
  • Guest assimilation

Metanoia U

  • Contact: Adam Feldman, Lead Pastor
  • Soul Care Retreat facilitation
  • Teacher (classes)
  • Facilitator (seminars and events)

Music Team

  • Contacts: Patty Berry and Jesse Florida, Staff Pastor
  • Sunday morning music leader
  • Instrumentalist (guitar, bass, piano, etc)
  • Percussionist (drums, djembe, etc)
  • Vocalist


  • Contacts: Hunter DeJarnette and Jesse Florida, Staff Pastor
  • Weekly Sunday morning prayer gathering (10:00AM-10:10AM)
  • Post-sermon prayer
  • Monthly prayer gathering (previously held in the past)

Women’s Ministry

  • Contact: Kimberly Feldman
  • Bible study and prayer facilitation
  • Providing food for events
  • Scheduling and facilitating events