Beginning Sunday, March 5, our Worship Gathering will be extended 15 minute so that they occur from 10:30AM – 11:45AM.

WGs will continue to start at the same time as usual (10:30AM), but will end 15 minutes later at 11:45AM instead of 11:30AM. Not every WG will continue until 11:45AM, but we want to plan for this additional time in the event that it is needed.

Why are we extending the Worship Gathering 15 minutes?

We currently allocate 60 minutes for our WGs. When there is a unique worship element–such as observing the Lord’s Supper, having a guest speaker, sharing testimonies, etc–we end up sacrificing songs and even sometimes the time devoted to our sermon. Additionally, the 60 minutes currently allocated for our WG does not permit flexibility to engage in other forms of worship such as longer periods of prayer, confession and repentance, testimonies, confessional readings, and the like.

It is our hope that extending the WG by 15 minutes will help foster a more relaxed and more full worship experience.

Will this affect Kids CAMP?

Parents are reminded that they must pick their children up from Kids CAMP as soon as the WG ends. This will be especially important once we extend the WG because we cannot also extend our rental of the gymnasium past 12:00PM.

Kids CAMP volunteers are reminded that they must report to the gym no later than 10:15AM. Parents may drop off children as early as 10:20AM.