The following are opportunities for the Metanoia Church community to hangout this summer. These events are just that: opportunities to hangout! If you can make it to all of them, awesome! If you can make it to one, well, that’s great too!

All of these events are open to anyone/everyone in the church community who wishes to participate. After all, “we are family!” Playground hangouts and the Dutch Wonderland trip are the only events that are especially scheduled for families with children.

Please feel free to invite individuals and families who are not a part of our church community to any hangout event you attend!

Questions? Feel free to contact me, Pastor Jesse (click to email me). I’m looking forward to hanging out with you all this summer!

2015 Summer Hangout Schedule (All invited!)

Rita’s Ice Cream Shop in Ellicott City (9095 Frederick Rd – Click for map)

  • Come and enjoy an after-dinner scoop at with my family and yours
  • Friday, June 19 – 6pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, July 15 – 6pm-7pm

Opie’s Ice Cream Shop in Catonsville (1603 Edmondson Ave – Click for map)

  • Friday, July 24 – 6pm-7pm
  • Monday, August 10 – 6pm-7pm

Bring a Lunch (to the Worship Gathering)

  • Bring your own lunch and enjoy a time of food and fellowship following the Worship Gathering.
  • There are limited electric outlets, so you are encouraged to bring something that does not need to be kept warm.
  • Sunday, July 19 – 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Metanoia Pool Parties at the Roger Carter Community Center

  • Following the Worship Gathering (bring a lunch and your bathing suit!)
  • Dates TBA

2015 Hangouts for Families with Children

Patapsco Hilton Area Tire Park in Catonsville (1101 Hilton Ave – Click for map)

  • The tire park is a great place to burn some energy, and enjoy the outdoors. Pack a lunch and stay a while!
  • Saturday, July 11 – 9am-2pm ($3 park fee/person)
  • Wednesday, August 5 – 9am-2pm ($2 park fee/vehicle)
[Photo via user kalimevole]

[Photo via user kalimevole]

Long Gate Playground in Ellicott City (5001 Meadowbrook Ln – Click for map)

  • This free playground is next to the Long Gate shopping center off of MD 103. Pack a meal, or plan to eat out with your family at one of the adjacent restaurants.
  • Friday, June 26 – 4pm-6pm
  • Saturday, August 15 – 9am-11am

Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

This kid-friendly theme park is a great place to spend time as a family. You are responsible for purchasing your family’s tickets.

Dutch Wonderland is less than 2 hours away and is very doable as a one-day trip, but if you would like to stay the evening, you are encouraged to chat with other persons going and consider staying at the same hotel to maximize fellowship. Directions to Dutch Wonderland and information on purchasing tickets available here:

  • Saturday, July 18 – 10am-8:30pm
  • Tickets are $39.99 for 3yrs and up. 2 and under are free.

Hangouts in Chronological Order by Month


  • Rita’s Ice Cream (Ellicott City) – Friday, June 19, 6pm-7pm
  • Long Gate/Meadowbrook Park (Ellicott City) – Friday, June 26, 4pm-6pm [**Family/children event]


  • Patapsco Valley St. Park Hilton Area – Saturday, July 11, 9am-2pm ($3 park fee/person) [**Family/children event]
  • Rita’s Ice Cream (Ellicott City) – Wednesday, July 15, 6pm-7pm
  • Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, PA) – Saturday, July 1810am-8:30pm [**Family/children event]
  • Bring Your Lunch to the Worship Gathering – Sunday, July 19, 11:30AM-1:00PM
  • Opie’s Ice Cream (Catonsville) – Friday, July 24, 6pm-7pm


  • Patapsco Valley St. Park Hilton Area – Wednesday, August 5, 9am-2pm ($2 park fee/vehicle) [**Family/children event]
  • Opie’s Ice Cream (Catonsville) – Monday, August 10, 6pm-7pm
  • Long Gate/Meadowbrook Park (Ellicott City) – Saturday, August 15, 9am-11am [**Family/children event]