Metanoia Church is a spiritual community moving toward Jesus Christ

What this statement means: We love Jesus, love the Bible ,and love people. We seek to provide welcoming environments where all persons can explore the teachings and claims of Jesus Christ in community. Our theology and doctrine are consistent with the ancient witness of Christianity (see below).

Statement of Faith

What does Metanoia Church believe? Metanoia has adopted the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) as our Statement of Faith.

Covenant Partnership (“Membership”)

Does Metanoia have membership? Yes. We refer to our members as Partners. Covenant Partners have signed the Partnership Covenant and completed the Pathway to Partnership.

Denominational Affiliation

Is Metanoia part of a denomination? We are affiliated with the Mid-Maryland Baptist Association (MMBA), the Baptist Convention of MD/DE (BCM/D) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).