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2018 Summer Hangouts

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Summer Hangouts are opportunities for the Metanoia Church community to hangout during the summer. If you can make it to all of them, awesome! If you can make it to one, that’s great too! All of these events are open to anyone and everyone in the church community who wishes to participate. After all, “we […]

Science and the Christian Faith

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“Science and the Christian Faith” is the debut event for the new “Faith and Culture” series. The goals of the “Faith and Culture” series are for believers to become more conversant, convictional, and confident in discussing various topics where faith and culture intersect in our society. The “Faith and Culture: Science and the Christian Faith” event focuses […]

Read Through the Bible in 2014

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Have you ever read the Bible through? When was the last time that you read the Bible through? Our Elders are encouraging Metanoia to read through the Bible in 2014. Here’s how: Spiritual Friend Find 1 or 2 spiritual friends to share the journey with you. (If you’re married, consider your spouse!) Community Group Decide as […]