This 2-night retreat for alumni of the Intro to Soul Care Retreat is designed to help you…

  • Deepen your lived discipleship to Jesus Christ by exploring the present condition of your discipleship, discovering the means of grace by which your discipleship can strengthen, clarifying and embracing the good works Christ has called you to, and more!
  • Experience refreshment and renewal in prayer, Scripture meditation, and reflection.

Soul Care Retreats are part of the Metanoia U curriculum, which is designed to help you grow in loving God with your heart, mind, soul, strength, and community. Pastor Adam Feldman will facilitate this retreat.

SoulCareRetreat_WebSiteWhen: Retreat begins 4:30pm on Friday and ends 4:30pm on Saturday

Who: Intro to Soul Care Retreat alumni

Where: All Saints Sisters of the Poor Convent, Catonsville


  • $75/Metanoia covenant Partner (“church member”) [online registration = $80 due to fees]
  • $125/non-Partner [online registration = $130 due to fees]

How to Register

There are 3 options for registering. Registration closes after Sunday, October 21.

  • Register online via PayPal(See below)
  • Worship Gathering. Fill out the registration form and place it along with your payment in the offering box at a Worship Gathering. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM
  • Mail. Mail registration form & payment to: Metanoia Church, PO Box 298, Ellicott City, MD 21041

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