prayerMetanoia Church is in the midst of a six-week season of prayer and fasting that began on Monday, October 19 and will end on Wednesday, November 25. The purpose of this season of fasting is to seek God. Specifically, for personal spiritual renewal, corporate spiritual renewal, and corporate vision (what God wants our church to “do”).

How to Pray

Our prayer ministry leadership encourages you to pray about the following on your fasting day(s):

  • PRAY. Pray the simple prayer “Lord, send revival.  Let it start with me.”
  • LISTEN. Take a few moments to sit with the Lord in silence. When your mind and heart are still, ask him what is on his heart for you, your family, and our community. Jot down any words or thoughts that come to mind.
  • MEDITATE. Pick a Scripture to meditate on throughout the day. Start by reading it 3 times. First at a normal pace, then more slowly, and then at a normal pace again. Recall it to mind or read it again when you have spare moments throughout the day.

Those who are Partners are encouraged to consult their Christ Life Partnership class workbook for more information on “how” to fast.

Additionally, if you are unable to fast from food due to a medical condition, you are encouraged to fast from media and/or “screens” (smart phones, TV, computer, etc).

Sign up to Fast and Pray

Fasting takes place Monday through Saturday of each week with Sunday being a day of feasting and celebration. The goal is to have at least 1 person fasting on each of the fasting days. It is preferable that no more than 2 people fast on any given day until every day is covered.

Below is the current sign-up for fasting. You can sign up to fast by completing the form below or by signing up at the next Worship Gathering.

Week 1

  • Monday, October 19 – Cheryl Loeb
  • Tuesday, October 20 – Character Impact CG
  • Wednesday, October 21 – Character Impact CG
  • Thursday, October 22 – Character Impact CG
  • Friday, October 23 – Kristen Christy
  • Saturday, October 24 – Stephanie Lohrmann (Character Impact CG)

Week 2

  • Monday, October 26 – Derrick Peoples (Character Impact CG); Newburg Heights CG
  • Tuesday, October 27 – Newburg Heights CG
  • Wednesday, October 28 – Newburg Heights CG
  • Thursday, October 29 – Newburg Heights CG
  • Friday, October 30 – Newburg Heights CG
  • Saturday, October 31 – Newburg Heights CG; Cheryl Loeb

Week 3

  • Monday, November 2 – Jordan Hoffmaster
  • Tuesday, November 3 – Patty Berry
  • Wednesday, November 4 – Sojourners CG
  • Thursday, November 5 – Sojourners CG
  • Friday, November 6 – Sojourners CG
  • Saturday, November 7 – Sojourners CG

Week 4

  • Monday, November 9 – Sojourners CG & Westowne CG
  • Tuesday, November 10 – Sojourners CG & Tim Maller (Westowne CG)
  • Wednesday, November 11 – Westowne CG
  • Thursday, November 12 – Kim Feldman (Westowne CG)
  • Friday, November 13 – Adam Feldman (Westowne CG)
  • Saturday, November 14 – Karen Norton (Westowne CG)

Week 5

  • Monday, November 16 – Oakland Mills CG
  • Tuesday, November 17 – Katie Florida (Oakland Mills CG)
  • Wednesday, November 18 – Eric & Leigh Tracy
  • Thursday, November 19 – Brandon Larche
  • Friday, November 20 – Oakland Mills CG
  • Saturday, November 21 – Daniel Bunn

Week 6

  • Monday, November 23 – Cheryl Loeb
  • Tuesday, November 24 – Sarah Hoffmaster
  • Wednesday, November 25 – Jessica Robinson