Beginning Sunday, June 6, 2021, Community Groups, Life Transformation Groups, and Men’s and Women’s Ministries will become “mask optional” environments for all persons for both indoor and outdoor meetings. Additionally, Roger Carter Community Center’s (RCCC’s) policy is now mask optional for vaccinated people but requiring masks for ALL unvaccinated persons age 2 and older, so masks will be optional for those who are vaccinated during the Worship Gathering. Until June 6, only the preacher will be permitted to remove a face-covering during the Worship Gathering, and only while preaching.

Why is masking still required in certain ministries?

For the past year our Health and Safety Committee (HSC) and Trustees have sought to make “data-driven decisions.” For the moment, and until more information becomes available about childhood, COVID, and the implications of vaccinations for those under age 12, we will require face coverings by all adults and youth helping to lead and teach Kids CAMP, Kids QUEST, and Journey ministries. Children who are unvaccinated will also need to continue wearing masks until RCCC makes masking optional for children and/or those who are not vaccinated.

Additionally, and out of respect for our more cautious members of the Metanoia Church family, volunteers who greet worshippers will be masked so that they can serve you (including providing you with a mask if you request it) in a way you are comfortable.  Finally, those serving or handling food will also remain in masks and gloves as they handle the food and drink you will consume.

This policy will be reviewed periodically in light of pertinent data or announcements from the CDC, State Health Department, local health departments, and RCCC. The Trustees may update the policy at any time.