…love the Lord your God with all your… mind.— Matthew 22:37

Periodic classes designed to help disciples grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. Aiding in our desire to fulfill our church’s Vision:

We desire to make and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ by conforming our lives to Jesus and his desires by his power, with the result that we express greater love for God and one another, experience increased victory over sin and enjoy greater confidence and contentment in the Lord.

Metanoia U is a holistic approach to helping folks “move toward Jesus Christ” as disciples. Everyone learns in different ways, so Metanoia U is designed with multiple different avenues for discipleship and spiritual growth:

  • Retreats: Deepening through experiential immersive environments.
  • Classes: Growing through classes taught by a teacher and involving group discussion.
  • Lectures: Learning through lectures/lecture series on topics and involving Q&A.
  • Book clubs: Discovering by reading a book with a small group of people and discussing it.

Please click here to see a list of our course offerings.