The Pathway to Partnership
Metanoia’s Covenant Partners are those persons who have completed the Pathway to Partnership, thus entering into a covenantal relationship with Metanoia Church.

  • I have made a focused life commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and subsequently been water baptized by immersion as a believer.
  • I am actively involved in a Community Group and the Worship Gathering.
  • I have completed the Christ Life group study.
  • I have had a Partnership interview with a Pastor.
  • I have signed the Metanoia Church Partnership Covenant.
  • I have been affirmed by vote of the majority of Covenant Partners during a Partnership Meeting.

Why “Partnership?”
Covenant Partnership is essentially an invitation to service and leadership at Metanoia Church. In our culture “partnership” instills images of commitment, collaboration and cooperation. This word and the commitment it represents best reflect the sort of covenant communities found throughout the Bible, which we will discuss in Week 8 of the Christ Life group study.

Why should I consider becoming a Covenant Partner of Metanoia Church?
There are several reasons why you should consider becoming a Covenant Partner of Metanoia Church. Among them:

  • God may be calling you to be a critical part of his work in and through Metanoia Church. Becoming a Partner signals to other Partners that you are committed to joining them in serving God and joining him at work in our church.
  • Commitment is avoided and even feared in our culture in part because of the responsibility involved. Becoming a Partner reflects a heart willing to take a risk by making an important commitment and taking on more responsibility.
  • Christians in North America tend to approach church with a consumer mindset, often asking, “What can I get/learn/experience from this church?” Partnership reflects an embracing of committed contribution to the church Body rather than this type of consumer mindset.
  • Covenant community is found throughout the Old and New Testaments. It reflects a common commitment to God and to each other.
  • Our best teaching opportunities and instruction resources are reserved for those committed to Metanoia Church in Covenant Partnership. Additionally, only Covenant Partners are allowed to serve in the following areas of leadership and instruction at Metanoia Church:
    • leading Community Groups and ministry teams
    • teaching/preaching ministries including Kids CAMP
    • serving as a Pastor or Deacon

What can Covenant Partners expect from Metanoia Church?
Partnership is a two-way street with equal commitments and responsibilities from both parties. Covenant Partners can expect the following from Metanoia Church:
To commune with God through…

  • inspiring worship environments
  • engaging with other believers
  • serving others
  • the nurturing of creative activity

To experience community by…

  • cultivating deep friendships and engaging in meaningful service and connection in Community Groups
  • actively pursuing involvement in Historic Ellicott City and local communities

To be equipped for Kingdom impact through…

  • Biblical preaching and Christ-centered worship gatherings.
  • exploring and walking in your life purpose
  • equipping for local and global mission and service
  • opportunities to engage in transformational culture both locally and globally

[CLICK] to see the Metanoia Church Partnership Covenant.